Introducing the Copper Pepper mill 9" #404 and Salt Mill 8" #408. 

The Copper Pepper Mill Atlas #404 boasts a hundred percent metal mechanism with a 38mm diameter and utilizes the 3DCut system to expertly grind peppercorns, maximizing flavor and aroma. With an adjustable mechanism for fine to coarse grinding and ample capacity for your favorite dry seasonings, it is also handcrafted in Greece to deliver exceptional quality and functionality. 

The salt mill #408 featuring a robust food-safe plastic mechanism infused with 40% glass for durability. With a 38mm diameter and stainless steel shaft to prevent corrosion, this mill is equipped with the innovative 3DCut system, meticulously designed to grind salt rather than simply smash it, thereby maximizing its flavor and aroma. Unlike common salt mills that limit flavor release, each Atlas mill offers ample room for your preferred type of salt, allowing you to grind directly over your food.

Handcrafted in Greece to meet exacting standards of quality and functionality, the Atlas Salt and Pepper Mill has been a trusted kitchen companion since 1977. Renowned for its performance and durability, it consistently garners positive reviews from users.

Both the Atlas Copper Salt Mill ATLAS #408 and the Pepper Mill #404 are indispensable tools for every kitchen, embodying precision engineering and culinary excellence.

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Atlas Copper Pepper Mill 9" and Salt Mill 8"

  • Product Code: 404408
  • $226.00

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