Best Coffee Grinder Ever (for pepper)!!, January 30, 2013
Secundus the First

This review is from: Pepper Mill Imports Atlas Pepper Mill, Brass, 8"
A great pepper mill should cost less than $20 and be manufactured by dozens of companies, but they aren't. Only these Greek Atlas mills seem to have the technology to be able to give a satisfying amount with the least effort.

I too went through all the fancy looking assortment of mills and must have wasted $100 on 15 grinders that are now in some landfill. These Atlas mills should be given to people at birth so that they won't waste precious months (over a lifetime) with useless, ineffectual crap.
These mills produce consistent, large volumes of pepper for several lifetimes. Mine was never adjusted since I bought it and the grind is a lot coarser than fine powder, but not chunky at all. It IS a coffee mill, so I assume that tightening the screw on the bottom would make a much finer grind if desired.

The biggest negative about my Atlas mill is that I did not get it 40 years sooner.

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